Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Art journaling, and a bit of this 'n' that.

At the weekend I crossed over the Pennines (gasp!) and went to teach at the very wonderful Craftrange in Burnley, Lancs, for a day of art journaling and mixed media madness using the Media Line by DecoArt. It was a great day, with some lovely people, in a very tempting craft shop!

We worked in our journals, on tags, we rusted card to make faux rivets, we used crackle paint, spread crackle glaze through stencils and we played with lots and lots of colour :-) Oh, and we made lots of mess too, but a mixed media day wouldn't be a mixed media day if we didn't make a lot of mess!

Thanks to the lovely staff at the Craftrange for making us all feel so welcome :-)

Unfortunately on the day I was so engrossed I completely forgot to take any photos. Doh! I am so annoyed at myself for this.

So, what else have I been up to? Well, working in school obviously, and OMG I have been so exhausted! A room full of 7 year olds is lots of fun but also very tiring.....

And knitting socks. Ha! This last year or so I have crocheted 4 full size blankets so I thought it was time for a change. I NEED a project for the evenings when I eventually sit down. I don't relax by doing nothing, I relax by doing something. So here is my first ever pair of socks ta-da! Using Goldfinch yarn by WYS in case you are interested. Click on the link below the pic for a fabulous blog with the pattern.


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Mini art journaling, and other things.

Sailboat by me! for Stampotique Originals
Text stamp from Steampunk by Andy Skinner

Last Saturday I taught my mini art journaling class at Art from the Heart and what a very lovely day it was! In fact I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to take any photos. Doh! But here you can see some of the pages we made in class. These are all done in my small (10x15cm) Moleksine sketchbook (which has nice thick pages).

I've got more classes coming up at Art from the Heart, alongside some fabulous tutors. You can check them all out *here*

Towards the end of the day I challenged everyone to take a random page of text from an old novel and complete a page of found poetry when they got home. Well, just to prove I did mine, here it is!  Ha! This is such fun to do :-) I think you are very much drawn to words and phrases that have some kind of meaning for you, some kind of connection. Even if this activity appears to be random, I think it's not random at all.

And this weekend I will be teaching at The Craftrange Burnley, using products form the DecoArt Media line. Very much looking forward to this! Here's a sneak peek ... more photos to follow ....

And finally, don't forget, the amazing on-line class Wanderlust is now available for 2017! You can see all the details by clicking the link below.

Wanderlust details *here*

Byee for now!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

More journaling, classes, and paper punches!

Well, as you can see, I'm still playing with paper punches. These are leftover from my card making days ... but these days I use them in quite a different way. I especially like the negative shape which is left behind when you punch a shape so I made it the focus of my page here.

Here are a few progress pics and close ups.

Before I added the journaling:

And this is how it looks just as the background:

I am IN LOVE with my new texture cube for Stampotique Originals. I know I designed it and I should be a bit more modest, but hey, it's fabulous! haha!

Got to love a bit of washi tape:

Ooh, lovely metallics!

And a random bit of stitching, complete with dangling threads completes the page:

I included this page as part of my regular art journaling class at Art from the Heart yesterday, and what a very lovely day it was. Lots of messy, painty creativity, chat, laughs, mess, and biscuits. LOVE this group :-)

And they all produce beautiful art journal pages, using mine as a springboard but then giving it their own twist.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a new toy to play with - a large hexagon punch to go along with my small hexagon punch. A few of these and my sticker machine makes me very happy :-))) Byeeeeeeee

Monday, 19 September 2016

Art journal play :-)

If you read my last post you will know that I have increased my hours at work in my day job as a school teacher. This is bringing its own challenges, but I am still squeezing a bit of art time in :-) 

Here's a page I just created in my beloved Dylusions black square journal. Lately I am loving little punched shapes, and especially the negative which is left behind. Like many of us, I started out as a 'neat' card maker so I have plenty of my card making supplies and tools to use, it's just that I'm finding different ways to use them.

I made some papers first using Brushos. You get lovely, random, unexpected colours when you use Brushos. Love! I punched out the butterflies, and then used the negative too.

You will notice my new Texture Cube stamp for Stampotique Originals creeping into all of my art lately. I Love it! Can't live without it ...

A bit of glitter, stitching, washi, and doodling, and I think I'm calling this finished!

In my last post I shared a work in progress with you ... I *think* it may be finished, but I'm still not completely sure. I used paper punches on here too, including the hexagon shape and the negative left behind. 

 It seems strange but I rarely have any of my art out on display in my house. It tends to be in my little studio, or in my journals, but I think I might want to put this on the wall in my bedroom. We are currently in an 'in-between' state in our bedroom. The old, old wallpaper is off, the cast iron fire place has been stripped back to it's original bare metal, and we're now waiting for the plasterer.  If I'm feeling brave enough, I may even do this again but on a BIG scale. Yikes! Watch this space!

Byeee for now!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

A work in progress ...

Stencils by Kasia for Crafters Workshop, and Tim Holtz

Well, not much to report from my little art studio of late, life has been busy busy busy. This year I am doing more hours in my 'real' job as a school teacher, and a lot of my time has been taken up with getting ready for the new school term. I love both my art, and my job as a school teacher and it genuinely is very difficult getting the balance right, Have I made the right decision this year? Who knows! Time will tell..... The way I look at it is that I have half of my time in school, and half of my time for art, but one thing has a habit of taking over from the other ;-) I'm really really hoping that I can manage it this year and KEEP THE BALANCE.

So, here's a work in progress. I suppose this is a bit like an art journal page but it's not in my journal, it's on a large gesso board which has a beautiful smooth surface for painting on. I love it! Sometimes when I'm painting I don't want to make a pretty picture, I want to FEEL it. Do you know that feeling? So here is my messy, raw, scribblings and finger painting in it's early stages, step-by-step, snapped with my phone, so you can see how it is evolving. 

I have no idea where I'm going with this, I just need to let it takes its own course ...

And don't forget I'm taking part in the fabulous Wanderlust again next year. It was fab last year and the teacher line up is amazing. You can it now at the early bird price! *Click here for all the details*

Byee for now :-)